Zenfolio | Amy K Richard ~ Photographer | About
I was born and raised in Louisiana. I first began taking pictures with a disk camera I received as a gift at age eleven. I proceeded to take photos of birthday presents, puppies, and other odd selections.

At fifteen I was again given a camera. This time a Minolta Maximum, 35mm. My photos advanced to landscapes and National Monuments from spending those teenage years in Northern Virginia. Through those years I was also actively drawing and serving as photographer for my high school yearbook.

I moved to Virginia at eighteen to attend Radford University where I received a Bachelor's of Science degree in art. I graduated in 1996 and began a career in the Federal Government. In 2005 my career brought me to Houston temporarily. About the same time I switched from film to digital, a Canon 20D.

In 2009, I finally returned home to Virginia. And through all the job changes, moves and travel, the only constants have been my cameras and my love of photography.

I see the world as if always looking through a viewfinder. Every memory, every place, can be traced back to a photograph. Photography is the timeline, the journal of my life. On a recent trip to Italy my camera constantly in motion, my cousin said, "If you're always taking photos, can you really experience the moment?".... to which I replied, "This IS how I experience the moment!"

Through all these years of discovery, I have made it back to what I love most. This website and these photographs are my passion, whether it is the big picture landscapes, bark on trees, or rust on metal. This is the world I see. Come share it with me.